Guess the evaluation game!

Hello, i though of a game that could be fun to play. Basically, lichess would show you a game and you would need to guess what the computer evaluation is. I think it would be really nice because sometime the material on both side is equal but the evals is +3 for exemple, so it would teach player to recognize advantage/disadvantage not related to piece value but more about activity or piece position.

In my mind i had the idea of a bar a the top of the chessboard with a slider you can move and lets say you get in the range of +/- 0.5 of engine evaluation could be good, any more away from the evals would be a mistake? Or better yet, you could get a game that shows 10 random position and you score will be the sum of the difference between your guess and the eval so the lower your score the better!

Let me know what you think of this idea!
I like it, would be kind of nice practice, also trying to guess the best move, even if it is not a puzzle! To see can you judge coorrect position generally!
Is there a way to make sur lichess devs see this? It is already far down into the forum posts :(
what a coincidence! I had a dream last night and I had the same idea as you, I was actually playing your game in my dream :-)
I think it's a good idea, there are a lot of people who have difficulties to evaluate positions, so it would be fun, original and a good training.
I would really like a moderator opinion on this but the post just keeps going down in the forum so im trying to tag one now. @lichess

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