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  3. Game bug

If you look at 41st move you see you can play with black pawn on g4 to h3. I did it but takebacked after. When you play with pawn it eats the white pawn on h4 and moves to h3. Its totally gamebreaking.

Ps: I played on mobile app(android) with my friend.

Pawn so op pls nerf.

i dont understand what is wrong.are u talking about en passant?

It's a special move, only possible after a double pawn push:

Its called en passant... its a legitimation chess move...

Wow i didn't knew this is legit. Also there is no sound when i ate his pawn so it looked like bug to me. Are there any more special cases like this?

no.another special move is castling,but i guess u know that

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