Friend list

There is no function on lichess to see players which is following you and you are following. I think it need to be add in the menu
lichess deleted the "follower count" long time ago to prevent people from further pursuing aggressive follower acquisition as it has occured in the past. It will not come back.
You can still see who you are friends with in your profile via the friends-list link though.
yea, I found out that you see it in your profile. But maybe better add friends-list in "community" tab? It looks so anti-intuitive and inconspicuously in player's profile
If you install LiChess Tools browser extension you have the option to move the friends box as a menu item. And if you click the menu itself it opens the friends page. I plan some changes there as well, like live updates of which of them are playing or online, perhaps even a local cache of who is following you. But that's going to have to wait the rewrite this week.
But at least it would be nice to see all your followers on the concrete day (when they followed me).
Yesterday I won the Lichess Anniversary 2023, probably because of this tournament I had 53 new followers,
but I can only see the first 15 names. Is there no possibility to find the other 38 names?

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