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  3. feature request : conditional premoves (and multiple premoves)

Let's say black is in check and has two legal moves.

With move A, white throws in the queen and has mate in 3
with move B, the king escapes the queen throw-in is a blunder and the game plays on.

White should be able to "premove" black's A and deliver the mate with the queen. If condition is not met, then the queen move is rejected and white can play a sound move.

My idea is that premove should be a dialog not a compulsive wood push.

Conditional premoves already exist in correspondence chess. And for non-corresponce games, the idea is that premoves speed up games but making conditional premoves takes too long for that.

Yes, premoves as in correspondance chess is my idea.

I know, it doesn't make sense in time scramble during a bullet game, but i still think my idea is worth considering.

Would be a nice feature when your opponent is sandbagging awaiting mate in 2 for instance.

I remember on ICC 15 years ago they implemented this stupid premove thing where you were allowed multiple premoves inconditionnaly. One was able to move his king through the whole board with no time loss.

#3 I too like your idea, even for the non-correnspondence games. I sometimes find myself in a position where I know exactly what I want to play (multiple variations) and not waste time that might prove precious. I certainly would like to see this implemented.

I was watching some youtubers from che**.com, it looks like they have implemented this for live games.