[Feature request ] ⅛+0 time control

At first we would like to express a huge gratitude to Lichess team for giving us amazing ½+0 (hyperbullet) and ¼+0 (ultrabullet) [and won't forget our friend ¾+0 also]. Now our community is increasing and requests for speed are growing. We would like to ask the Lichess team for ⅛+0 time control. We already chose a name for it: "megabullet". Some might thing it's insane, but here we are, creating ultrabullet "only berserk" arenas here and there. We hope this idea will find support and encouragement from people. Thank you all!

That's a really fun time variant.
It could be grouped under Ultra rating category?

what is harsh trolling?mr chesstroll ingot?and what do you think about it chesstroll bersek?

and r u banned or not ?????? if you r banned how can you play megabullet?

Yooooo! Wonderful! I can't wait to play; even if the term 'ultra' means something greater than what the 'mega' term indicates, so the more right it would be to inverse the names but, hey! We will play at 3.5 with half the time!