experiencing lags since lichess v2 on firefox

Since the Lichess v2 update I have the feeling that my pieces move slower than before (of course I disabled piece animations), as if I was lagging a lot despite my low ping (~30ms) .
I'm using Firefox Quantum 66.0.5 (64-bit) . I've tried using chromium and everything seems smoother .
Am I the only one experiencing this ?

No, this is by design. Lichess is better on Chrome. Always has been. They don't care about other browsers, probably because the developers use Chrome.

afaik there's a fix being worked on. They DO care about other browsers if you read their blog. Apparently, they're having trouble replicating the lag which is why there isn't a fix yet.


Yes, I am confirming as well that play on FireFox (version 66.0.5) is laggy. More so after a game for me. I just reviewed a game I finished and I can click on the next move button and there is probably a 0.50 - 1.0 sec delay between the click and when the piece actually moves. It is very frustrating....

I'm having some lag (stuttering) while using the "Analysis board" on 64-bit Firefox 66.0.5 (Ubuntu) as well.. Luckily, no lag is present during actual games. But it's quite annoying nevertheless.

thanks for the link :) ; however, the lags happen during the game for me , i dont use the analysis board that much

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