Draw Arrows Without Context Menu Appearing

Hey guys,
I know the shortcuts for at least some of the different colored arrows.
Problem is if I do Cmd + shift + right click or Alt + shift + right click for red and yellow arrows respectively,
I get the normal context menu appearing. Is there a way round this?
Note: Firefox, MacOSX

Hmmm, I notice it's only in Firefox, not Chrome. Maybe a browser limitation.

r click = Green
Shift+R = Red
Shift+Alt+R = Blue
Shift+Alt+L = Yellow (Golden)

Reverse you delete the arrows

Do the same and click (no drag) in every square to put circles on it

No cmd combination needed
Work on Firefox and Opera. In opera need to disable mouse gestures in browser settings

*if context menu appears when you try to drawing golden arrows just click in any point out of the board

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