Country-wise top players(top players in each country)

I can't seem to find the highest rated players country wise!? does lichess only publish the 10 highest rated players in each variant?
i want to know who is the highest rated players in specific countries and also the list of titled players. so how to go about finding that anyone!?

@iBishop i know that link for years but i don't really need that! iam only looking for the top players in THIS website-country wise and country-wise titled players


There isn't any statistic like that for Lichess users. Perhaps moderators and developers have something like that, but even if they do I don't see it becoming part of the Leaderboard anytime soon.

i wonder why!? maybe they are just lazy to add that? even chesscom has it


I feel like @FischyVishy when saying this, but implementing anything costs money, it doesn't just come out of thin air. And Lichess runs on donations, not ads, so if you want to bear the burden of some of the costs you can consider becoming a patron :)

Also isn't really a good example for a chess website :)

@AcademicNinja99 Haha :P.

I've asked for this feature before, but it never got going. I think it would be a pretty cool feature. The argument here though isn't about money - it's more about whether or not it's worth developers' time. I think it is, but you have to understand we don't have many devs around and more important stuff is being developed ATM.

In any case, I wonder what @programfox thinks.


Yeah, I think it would be cool too, if this were implemented I could perhaps see if I'm Romanian NM in Atomic ;)

I will ask Fox about it when he comes on!