Community control - Block Together

I'm getting sick of wasting time with people who abandon games. I propose that the idea of Block Together be programed into the API and made available to users.

If you choose to share your list of blocks, your friends can subscribe to your list so that when you block an account, they block that account automatically.

Such a system would soon enforce better behaviour and not require human intervention.

Such a system exists on twitter and it's great.

  Sounds like it could be horribly abused. And given human nature, it’s a safe bet what could be abused, would be. . . .
  As to Twitter, my thoughts on it were perfectly expressed a few thousand years ago:

  Curſe not the king, no not in thy thought, and curſe not the rich in thy bed-chamber: foꝛ a bird of the aire ſhall carry the voyce, and that which hath wings ſhall tell the matter.
  — Eccleſiaſtes x : 20

  I regard all tweeting with the like disdain.
  But moreover, I am perfectly capable of forming such judgments for myself, and shall always prefer to. There is no friend on this site whose judgment I trust so completely; and after all, not every block is due to that reason.
  Indeed, in some cases, it may give me pleasure to beat my friend’s foe. And how might I do this if I never face him?

Besides, the claim victory timeout has been recently adjusted and it seems to be pretty fair now. Leavers are not an harassment anymore and they also seem to diminish in number. A huge improvement to enjoy using Lichess.

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