@chessanalyst i can not send u a challenge invite dude.

i have that sign too hahaha. dude i did not cheat. what's happening? how do i fix this?

guys, i just want to know that is there any way to fix this? or prove that i did not cheat?

7. I was marked as a cheater/sandbagger/booster even though I didn't cheat. What do I do?

A: It is possible, though not very likely, that you were incorrectly flagged as a cheater. You can email lichess at arguing your case. As in real life, ignorance isn't an excuse for being marked. Again, please don't plead your innocence in the forums.

due to your ratings i would say you played with a player who is using computer chess assistance more than 5times
and you were mistakenly flagged

because players use computer chess assistance to win a game a gain ratings to become 2000+ no 1100+