Changing user names possible?

It would be nice to be able to change one's username more than just changing from capital to lower case letters and vice versa. I realize that there would be a downside with prolific players/posters no longer being recognized but as far as I understand many of the high level players have multiple accounts anyway. For the rest of us I doubt it matters too much as long as you don't make a habit of it as we aren't recognized anyway.

I wish now I'd put in some nominal amount of though into my username but alas....

Why, your username is not bad. Once people realised you are not a bot, they'll talk to you :)
I don't know but maybe there is a way to change it. It's only not allowed to have 2 usernames.

1) I'd like the option of changing a username, for innocent purposes, as it seems that no one obeys the US law that forbids this. Updating links/friends should be easy.

2) I thought that all bots had to have the "BOT" identifier, so I don't understand post #2.

3) I think that multiple accounts should be banned. I've heard many arguments for multiple accounts and none of them wash.


About 1) I appreciate the support. I'm thinking Pawnicide would be more fun than WS83 :)
On another forum where I'm a member this works perfectly and even tags in forum posts are updated automatically if a user switches names - both the link to the profile and the text itself.

About 3) A bit of a tangent but I think a good valid argument for having different accounts would be if you wanted one that you play with when drunk/tired/playing bad fun openings, and another for serious play. Even if there's no dishonest intent it might certainly look suspicious if you were to play the bongcloud or some such after a few drinks and then enter an X and below tournament with that account the day after. Players who stream might want to be able to interact with chat and play suboptimal lines for entertainment w/o dropping rating. That strikes me as a strong argument for allowing different accounts.

This has been suggested and rejected already because it is not trivial.

How would downloaded PGNs and be updated? If I played a game against an opponent and then they change it to something offensive, I'd want the game deleted.

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