Bug and terrible

Playing as anonymous is now really too annoying after Lichess upgrade it's site. When you have to play another game or recharge de page, Lichess forgot all the configuration for the game. Ex: standard chess and dark background, and the page starts white blackground and ALL type of games available. Anothers players who plays as anonymous please, I'm waiting for your complains. I think this is not all to fix.
Please fix it!!!!

Just quickly and easily create a free account. Who cares about anonymous players? What's the worst that can happen? They stop playing? You'd literally never miss them.

Doofenshmirtz I don't want to create another account, and I don't want to play against you or another registered player. I only want to play wiht anonymous players, and do it easily without any trouble. Do you understand or do you need anything else?

I don't really understand. Don't worry about it, I really don't care. I just can't imagine waking up one morning and saying "I'm not playing enough anonymous players. Those people for whom creating an account is just too much trouble...they're a special breed. My kind of people."

I've noticed this too. I haven't discerned a consistent pattern yet.

New games seem to retain whatever the chosen setting is, but sometimes going back to the home page does not.

The chosen setting still shows as checked, but has to be clicked again to re-apply.

I'm not sure what change led to this, but it is odd. Just a minor annoyance, really, but I can't imagine the devs think it's desirable, regardless of whether it only affects anonymous players :)

I think you are blocking the "All cookies from the third party " in your browser setting. Or you are using McAfee.
Press F12 and see, what the error messages are.

i am facing the same problem randomly when playn anonymous. my cookies (prefs) are not read until the game starts. very annoying. this occurs since a week or so. (firefox 66). i deleted the lichess and the lichess1 cookies, but there must be other cookies used by lichess..wich are not named liches... does anyone know?

Interestingly, this happens consistently to me in Chrome, but not when I use incognito mode.

I don't even have any idea of how playing someone anonymous works, and I frankly don't care either. How many anonymous players compared to registered players are even on the site? I never choose to play someone anonymous.