Hello, I've noticed a bug.
In Checkmate Patterns II, specifically in Lolli's Mate #3, although I have one move more to make, puzzle stops and says, try again.
In details, the analysis of game:

1. Reh4 Rxe5
2. Rxh7+ Qxh7
3. Rxh7+ Kg8
4. Rh8+ Kxh8
5. Qh6+ Kg8.

I have one more move to go. And it says "Click to retry". Although, below "Get a hint", instead of saying "Blunder", it says "Good Move".

I think it is a bug. Please help me.

Sincerely Yours,

Christos Lyssas.

Did you try just ignoring the retry button? I get the same alert but I manahed to complete the task recently.

On the app I experience lag that I don’t experience while playing in google chrome on my phone. However, currently in google chrome I can’t play due to having to touch above the piece I want to move to select it. I keep moving the wrong piece making bullet impossible.

I was just about to mention the exact same thing about that Lolli's Mate #3 puzzle. It won't let me finish the section because it continues to tell me black has a mate in 9 when I'm 1 move away.

"Checkmate the opponent in 6 moves" writes below the chessboard.
I've tried another moves, etc. It won't let me finish the pattern.

Same problem here. Tried on Chrome and FireFox. Both same scenario. Log off and login did not help.

@SigmaTetragwno AND EVERYBODY I GOT A CLEAN SOLUTION!!! After Qh6+ Kg8 Qg7# after the following moves go back to the move Kg8 and press the blue + in the engine (in PC this appears, not sure if it appears for everybody), once the depth is 99/99 and says #1 press left arrow once and right arrow twice and soon you will see "Success!"

I hope this can help.

@SigmaTetragwno another way you can do it is to make the move faster, like this the depth of the engine won't run that high and thinks that Qh6+ is the correct move.