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  3. Bots shouldn't count as human players

when i'm doing an advanced search of games on a user, i tick the "Human Opponents" option and up comes a bunch of bot games.

What's the difference between a human and a bot? Just curious if you have seen any bots marked for using computer assistance.

@hangrad the difference is the bots use, well.. bots. and they should fall under "computer opponent´" instead

Bot is just a title. There are many other titles. Human opponents that have titles play better than the ones without titles. I guess you would want to add this option to the search. Is opponent titled? yes/no.

title or not, it's not a human player, and i keep getting bot vs bot games when attempting to view bot vs human games.

I agree with @SpyroSE
Don't think there's much to discuss, really. Good catch.

Good find. There's a lot I don't know about this, but I do know that BOTs aren't humans.

Some bots are human. Some are not. There are many uses for bot accounts, see

Some bots play well. Some do not. Same for humans. Some humans play well. Some humans play badly. So bots are same as humans. They are rated at same system. It's enough to specify rating range. For example 1300 rated humans play equally well as 1300 rated bots and make just as many blunders.

Do bots take rating points off humans still?

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