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  3. Board size

I bought monitor with 2560x1600 resolution and now board is too small on maximum size. I would like it on whole screen.
I was try to set zoom=200 parameter in lila2 cookie on bigger value but I was loged out from lichess in that case.
Any help?


Lichess style is from 1990, they have no responsive design.
I hold [Ctrl] and [scroll up] with the mouse wheel to get bigger zoom.

Chill man, OK? You're getting the best online chess service in the entire world... absolutely free. There's no reason to complain. If you want the problem fixed, I suggest you
A: Donate
B: Program it yourself.

Or, if you really don't like the site, you can just leave, free of charge.

I am programming a layout for lichess in my spare time.

Well @Tymski I think that lichess is second to none, this is just minor suggestion.

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