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In my Opinion we could replace Fischer Random chess with Benko Chess (or Pre-Chess), named after its Inventor, Pal Benko.

The game starts with the pawns in their usual positions, but the pieces are put on places on first/eigth rank by the players during the first eight moves. The players are free to choose places but bishops must be put on squares of different colors. Castling is done like in Fischer Random.

The advantages are the same like Fischer Random (less opening knowledge necessary) but still it is the players responsibility where to put the pieces and no outer entity like an algorithm or luck decides it for them. Also, it should not be difficult to implement, as Crazyhouse already contains the code to place pieces.

nice idea!i like it!

thanks for the support @meredas21

how do u get the this player uses brain cell assistant in your profile?

upload an image to the internet (for example imgur) and insert the link to it. Lichess will show the image then. Example:

this also works with links to youtube videos.

oh thx

did it! :)

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