Banned from lobby games after a single abort?

I played a guy rated 1400 in hyperbullet and beat him. I then searched for another game, and was paired with him again. I wanted to play someone a little higher rated so that I can get to 2200 bullet, so I aborted the game.

When I went back to the lobby, it said I was banned for 15 minutes from aborting too many games, or leaving too many games without resigning. I literally aborted ONE game. Why am I banned....?

I've never seen this message before today, so I'm thinking it might be something new that was recently implemented. Maybe you guys could set the "this player aborts too many games" threshold higher than one game, maybe? :p

I would like to propose a new feature: After a game, when you click on "new opponent" you shouldn't be paired with the same opponent, because if you didn't play a rematch, it means that you don't want to play against him for now.

"searched for another game"
"wanted to play someone a little higher rated"

someone can set the rating range, someone can be lazy :)

@MiniGD that's exactly what I wanted to do. After pairing with him again, I knew that it would probably keep pairing me with him, so I aborted the game to go adjust the rating range so it wouldn't pair me with him again. But I was already banned.

I think its a great improvement. Also in chess, move order is important, so you can think that way, it was a lesson for you. :)
However I used to abort games also, but only when someone accepts my challenge or I get paired up with, and they dont move for minutes or even go offline, then I have to do it. In these case it would be unfair to be banned from lobby.

You think it's a great improvement to ban someone for aborting one game? Are you insane?

I agree fully and whole heartedly that the issue raised in the OP is a legitimate one.

However with the proposed solution I have reservations, for it is an ad hoc solution which does not capture the essence of the problem.

I think the solution can be best understood in terms of a decaying block. A decaying block is a block which in contrast to a permanent block is automatically lifted after some time.

Suppose that when you press New opponent this new opponent aborts the game and you go back to the open seek. The player who you just played with can now accept this seek ( because you "played" a game in between ).

It is much better if the player you want to avoid is blocked from playing with you for a given amount of time. This can be either a setting or a reasonable default can be found, I think 30 minutes would make a reasonable default.

Lichess doesn't temporarily block you for aborting a single game. (Other than that I don't know the particulars.)

@sakkozik Agreed, OP proposes an ad hoc solution.

"New opponent" button in its current form is misleading.

It won't give you a new opponent as it promises. Instead it would go to the open seek which may very well produce the same opponent.

It is a very intuitive requirement that if I press New opponent, I'm guaranteed not to be paired with the same player again for some reasonable amount of time.