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  3. Automatical draw after 300 moves.

I have played a game today.

The pawn has moved on 284th move but automatical draw has been fixed after 300 moves. I would like to know if automatical draw will happen after 300 moves from now on and if it has the priority above 50-moves rule.

Thanks in advance!

A draw automatically occurs after 300 moves:

Thank you very much, Daniel!

You're welcome Lance! Sorry about the unannounced rules change. :-)

Hi, I am curious about the reason for this rule: isn't the 50-moves draw rule supposed to take care of games which are not going anywhere? My mind is blown by the fact that some players could reach 300 moves in a bullet game, but I guess they should be allowed to go on until a "true" draw has been reached?

I am also curious about the reason for this rule.

Please forgive my ignorance, but is this only a new lichess rule or a new FIDE rule in OTB play as well?

This is not a good rule.

No problem, Daniel. I trust that this change has been implemented for a reason.

That IsNot a Good Rule

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