Arrows for Mobile Users

I have always thought maybe if there was button which would act as right click for mobile users.

Basically once you tap that button, you cannot move pieces but instead will draw arrows, simply tapping on the squarw would draw circles and holding and dragging would make arrows.

Idk if it's possible to code this idea but it would be really helpful for people who want to draw arrows in their studies or games but don't have a pc with them.
You might even make a mistake by moving it lol.. considering that you don’t realize you are tapped on that button, but a really good idea suggested
I forgot to mention, one can then again tap on the button to get back to moving pieces. There can also be an "x" button to remove all arrows that were drawn.
and it is possible to delete moves @Waltz_in_A_minor, just hold on the move if you're on phone and there should be an option "Delete from here"

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