Arena tournament pairings

Arena pairings are a mystery to me. In the latest example, I was paired against an opponent rated about 200 points above me and about 20 points above me in the standings.

This wasn't the first time; I can cite quite a few similar examples where I was paired against opponents much higher rated and significantly higher in the standings.

@Sen_Noton_Ethan said in #2:
> I don't understand why this forum is for
It's that when you are like #200 and get paired with #2
I would also know what basis the pairing is made on.
Rating? No impossible
Rank? Maybe but see what I typed it happens a lot.
Random? Probably yes

It happened again yesterday.

I had 4 wins and 2 losses and was paired against someone rated about 300 points above me who had 3 wins and no losses.

OK, granted, there's not much difference between having 3 and having 4 points but since there were about 200 players in the tournament, surely there were other players who could/should have been paired against each of us (me against someone who had 4 wins or 4 wins and _ losses, and he against someone who had 3 wins.)

It may because all the other players in the tournament were in the middle of a game.

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