App update broken

I did a full re-install. Everything seems perfect and working fine before login. All menus are working. After login everything crashes and app stops again. Latest iOS installed of course.

iOS 13.3, iPhone 11, I can load an existing game slowly but starting a new one via "Play with a friend" freezes the app. Also as I navigate through my profile and other menus I get " is unreachable. Request timeout."

This is #5 again to report that after a very painful iOS upgrade now the lichess app works as normal for me. Will not help everybody here, apparently but still maybe one issue less to worry about.

hmmmm. I came to the feedback forum to praise the new update :-)

The share feature is nicely improved, the app now respects changes in the volume setting of the phone, and analysis is improved.
I'm not seeing any of the issues reported here.

For what it's worth, this is on an iPhone 11, iOS 13.4 (beta)

Hey there. I came here specifically to see if anyone else was having issues after the update. I'm on an iPhone X Max, and prior to what seems to have been a Lichess update everything was fine.

Now I and many of the people I play with (whom I have invited here) are finding the app virtually unusable. Problems include:

1) Loads slowly, if at all.
2) Correspondence games do not load sequentially when I hit the icon in upper right of the screen. I have to shut the app down and reopen for each game.
3) Hitting "Play with a friend" results in a black screen.
4) User>Games from the drop-down menu results in message" " is unreachable. timeout requested."

This was happening before I updated my iPhone to the newest OS, and is happening as well afterwards. It's a problem. Hope it gets worked out.

cam07g, any luck? Having the same problem with my iphone 6. Any chance of a Lichess developer letting us know what's going on?

No sir - I used browser in safari to play a little but at the end of the day- the App Store says that my iOS version is supported-so either that will change-or there will be a fix. We ought to be patient as it’s an open source, community driven software-so whoever does this thing is prob doing so out of generosity. If I can give any technical/version feedback I will but so far ya nothing works.

Just an update here: I literally reset my iPhone XS Max to factory defaults — theoretically erasing all lichess app data — then reinstalled OS from iCloud backup specifically to try to fix this issue. No luck.

Many issues. Wish I could roll back to the working version. :(

Ya I don’t think there will be a simple fix judging from the responses

There is an update on the way. Afaik it's just waiting for app store approval. Hopefully that will fix things.