API extension for team tournaments

What would be the correct procedure to request an extension of the API?

With we can retrieve the single player results of a tournament. For team tournaments it would be helpful if there were an indication for which teams the players have been playing.

The same applies for the games played in a tournament, via An additional PGN tag with the respectice team would be nice.

One more helpful addition would apply to the list of tournaments created by a user, via For team tournaments the number of leaders would be a relevant information.

And finally I would like to retrieve the team results itself, preferably including a list of the names and scores of the leaders, there is no section for that yet.

Thanks in advance :-)

When I'm at it anyway, I would like to add one more topic to my wish list ;-)

Would it be possible to add the whole sequence of scores into the result's file of a tournament, in addition to the sum of points, so that it's clear in which game a player was on fire and/or has berserked?

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