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  3. Analysis - Stockfish WASMX Issues

I see similar threads here but nothing outright stating that WASMX does not load for at least half of the positions when doing analysis.

Even when refreshing the pages, it still fails to load an evaluation at least 50% of the time.

It looks like the team is semi-aware of this, but I wanted to make it clear that there are issues with the roll out of the WASMX.

Thank you

What is WASMX?

I can't longer analyze games.
It calculates some positions and hangs.

@MrGM WASMX is the label Lichess uses when it compiles Stockfish to WASM code (a kind of code that can run in browsers) that uses multiple threads (aka. parallelism).

I also have these issues. It's stuck on "loading engine" in the puzzles section, after you fail a puzzle and want to see what's the reply to your "answer".

wasmx not working!

F12, switch to console, right-click and save as, post contents to, share a link here and I'll mention it to devs.

also SF analysis hangs at a certain point

Yeah, stockfish does hang a lot.

Lol I don't know if I did it right.