A.I resigns in drawn position


I played a rook endgame against Stockfish 8 (White rook+pawn, Black rook, theoretical draw), as Black for practice. White resigned after 28 moves!

The AI autoresigns on move 150, to stop people from playing 10000 move games.

This wasn't actually move 150, but due to the way you imported the FEN, lichess thought it was

Import a FEN Without move number, and you get 120 extra moves to waste ;-)

> The AI autoresigns on move 150, to stop people from playing 10000 move games.

that sounds dumb as fuck. Why not just rely on 50 move rule

Right, easy to get around, but I agree with @tzar_bomba, it should be different. When you import a position from a game, you shouldn't have to care about the move number.

@tzar_bomba because there are legitimately possible 1000 move games, and people playing those types of games en masse would put an insane strain on the servers.

It's not really something that turns into an issue, unless you specifically try to exploit it, or do the mistake shown here, of importing the "wrong" FEN string

> because there are legitimately possible 1000 move games

if you control both sides from the start then I suppose sure. But against stockfish8?

@IsaVulpes Why on earth would people do that?? Am I missing something?

Again, nothing "wrong" with my FEN, just wanted to practice an endgame from a real game. At least a good compromise would be to set the limit at, say, 250 moves, the number of games reaching this move number must be insignificant.

@Slyph People do that, because people are stupid. Thibault had a talk about this at some convention, about how he had to severely limit basically anything, because many ppl did stuff like trying to import thousands of thousand move games and hitting "Computer Analysis" on all of them, killing the servers.

There is something "wrong" with your FEN, namely that it starts at move 124.
5k2/8/1r6/5PKR/8/8/8/8 b - - 0 124 <- this is what you imported.
5k2/8/1r6/5PKR/8/8/8/8 b - - 0 149 <- this will cause the engine to resign after 1 move
5k2/8/1r6/5PKR/8/8/8/8 b - - 0 <- import this instead (as you see, no move number at the end), and it'll work properly.

This is technically a bug (it should go by the movecount /played/, ie 28 in your game, rather than the movecount /displayed/, but since it's such a niche issue to occur, I dunno if it warrants much of a report.

Thanks for your time and the enlightening reply, people are stupid.

Btw on my tablet, you have to write a move number, so 5k2/8/1r6/5PKR/8/8/8/8 b - - 0 1 in my case.

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