12.05.2020 -- Lichess unreachable for several hours


yesterday starting roughly at 11:00 I and two other accounts could not access lichess (lichess unreachable. request timed out) neither through the apps nor through an internet browser.

The remaining internet connection was stable - e.g. company vpn, youtube etc. and while "" reported lichess down and someothers not and also could ping the server the frontend was not reachable. Since sofar I did not see any reports I have to assume it was an event which impacted a small group of users however I would like to understand if someone else also had such problems yesterday.

Over the past month, I have been constantly falling ping (100-350) (app / browser), as well as a delay of 0.3ms, which affects the game in bullet and blitz.


A friend of mine had exactly the same difficulty.

He tried to log in several times to his user account. He was unsuccessful.

He asked me to help him solve his problem. We ran tests to rule out a local flaw.

In the end, we concluded that the problem was on the Lichess server. The strange thing was that the malfunction did not affect me or other friends in our club.

Everything was back to normal today.

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