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  3. =!= extremly weird graphics bug with the menu =!=

In 'board view', weather game or analysis, there is this menu option (Symbol: 3 lines) which allows you a quick lookup of a few stats.
When you open this, and, while it's open, flip the board using the 'f' key and then close it again, suddenly all the pieces are in the top right corner (so the board is basically empty), and when you scroll the game, they just wobble around in the corner. When you flip again, the pieces come back, but sometimes some are missing.
Can you help me with this?

Interesting, I get the same. To clarify, it's the hamburger menu on the top right (not the one below the move notation).

Using Firefox 58.02 on Windows 10.

Duplicated in Chrome.

Hmm... seems like a real bug, doesn't it?

I can reproduce it as well.

So now that everyone agrees it DOES be, can some Dev tell us WHY this is?

Not a dev, but I assume that when you open the menu overlay, the board vanishes but the "F" functionality still works. So the code is trying to move the pieces to the other side of the board which isn't there, then when the board reappears, all the pieces are on a8 which I guess is the "default" square.

I'm sure it will be fixed soon.

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