opperwezen vs JannLee crazyhouse final at 1800GMT Nov24th

This final will be much better than Carlsen - Caruana. May the best man win :)

I congratulate the new world champion Crazyhouse @opperwezen !!

Universal player bringing love and knowledge in variants! Immense admiration and respect for you.


At the same time, it is a sad day for crazyhouse that TwelveTeen, perhaps the best zh player ever - in terms of speed, power and unorthodox play has retired. Let us hope that he comes back with renewed interest, and also wish him the very best in all his future endeavors.

Thanks TT, for giving us an insight into awesome zh!

congrats opper with your wc title.
The only chess player who is world top in so many variants.

thx FVvariants^^ i do well in the most variants but penguin is the best variant player i think toivo is also a better variant player on lichess:).

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