How can i find lots of tactics and cheap puzzles problems (except internet) ?


I know resolving puzzle of tactics every day is important and plus, i like it ( like chess tempo puzzles or lichess puzzles).
But i dont have internet every time and plus i prefer to resolve puzzles whithout a screen .

So my question is where can i find lots of cheap puzzle tactics in pdf files for example in order to print them, or in a cheap book ? I dont find a cheap book with lots of puzzles tactics like on lichess.

I was also thinking than maybe i could buy electronics real chess game, and maybe with some of them you can find inside lots of puzzles.

Do you have an idea, a good book, website where i can print or buy lots of cheap puzzle tactics ? Thanks.

Thanks you all of you.

I am still ok to receive other sources of puzzle, especially a lot in "one time" than you can print.

the lichess mobile app has 50 tactics puzzles preloaded to solve even if u are offline(atm its not working properly for me, i assume its because my mobile phone is 7 years old and the app updates conflicted with the old operation system, but it used to work before).