BREAKING NEWS ALERT! || Magnus will not defend World title

i dont believe Magnus wont defend his title, will believe until i see nepo and ding signs the contract
It would be nice to hear his reasoning exactly, he just said he didn't have a lot to gain. But how would that be different from any other tournament, of a much smaller calibre and presumably with less prize money? It seems he is still excited to play other tournaments. Is it just classical chess that bores him now? If so what does that say about the state of classical chess?

Hopefully its just him, Ding and Nepo seem fine taking over.
@TheUltimateGoose said in #5:
> A very sad day for the future of chess. Why do prodigies (in chess) go crazy?

It's not at all crazy to go out on top. Whenever an elite sports figure decides to call it quits, it seems to many of us lesser talented folks like a waste of talent. But life is more than a particular sport. When Sandy Koufax retired from baseball in 1966 at the age of 30, folks couldn't believe it. But what's so hard to believe? There is life after professional sport. Koufax knew this. And Carlson seems to know it too.
I was talking to Magnus last week and he said he's giving up the World championship to concentrate on streaming to fill the gap left by KC!
I believe Carlsen has said before that he prefer a tournament for the title and not a match. Maybe he wants changes to the format. Anyway the title will now be useless as the best player is not playing.