How Quiet Moves can Turn Around a Game

Great article, enjoyable read.
also Kg1! has been my favorite actual chess game move and I had forgotten the players and been looking for the game for a long time, so thanks :D

interesting question.. and focus restriction on most likely to be least visually obvious type of movers doing the quiet moves.

Yes we do have pre-chess spatial intuition that keep affecting our easier path vision for the full dimensional movers (shortcuts) like rank, file or diagonal one half-move access, like R and B and the Q combining them.

So the chess quirk is really the knight. forced to live on the other pieces "space" though. it sees through walls.

so I should actually read this... on my to-dos.. as good blog program well stated from the very first statement.. A blog and a short study in one. (in my chunking map of things chess, i guess).

In puzzles quiet moves are also my weakness. less in games.. since i play very slow and have time to doubt myself for fun....
but clearly with time perssure those more subtle things (knight or not)... get dropped out of radar the first.. we go for maximal immediate activity augmenting moves... (maybe my assessment of that is not very experienced, but it seems to be what makes me not look at certain puzzle quiet moves...). just sharing self observations current hypothesis.. a possible data point.

good aiming of issues this blog proposal. in short. m opinion so far.

Request to blog author: @ChessMood

would you mind if someone made a lichess study of the positions and made it public to share as playground to digest your blog one chunk at a time.. and keep coming back at own paces. users could clone it and have their own private workshop. Just the position setups.. I could start it... I would at least make me imprint the proposals. I might do it in private anyway. but thought of here as a community driven opportunity to expand on your thinking proposition. I mean the positions themselves can be shared and your blog parts can be linked (to some extent).. Making this blog more integrated into lichess set of features...

I will start private. if any answer from you i will update my intent. or if anyone think it is a good idea. let me know.

Edit: working on it.. it helps me digest the mixture of text and SAN (not very fluent with SAN). it also structure my future project of looking at those things. I try to reproduce the outside link references structure of the blog.
And proper attributiions.. I use excerpts for the things I want to understand about the in-game chess mostly.

It might not be useful to others in the end. And likely this exercise might be useful for others. So maybe I won't make it public. or only make a public set of chapters with only the positions.. and the links text chapters for that study to be tied back to source material.