Daily Chess Puzzle by Lichess (Slack App)

Spice up your Slack workspace with a daily chess puzzle from

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By default, the app will post the daily chess puzzle from Lichess to the channel in which it was installed every day (at the same time of day it was installed). Use the /puzzletime command to change this setting, e.g. /puzzletime 14:45. To post the daily puzzle on demand, use the /puzzle command.


  • /puzzlehelp - Displays helpful instructions
  • /puzzletime HH:MM - Sets the time of day the daily puzzle should be posted (per channel)
  • /puzzle - Posts the daily puzzle

Privacy Policy

The app only collects and stores information necessary to deliver the service, which is limited to OAuth authentication information, Slack workspace/channel identifiers and app configuration settings. No personal information is processed except for the username of users invoking slash commands. No personal information is stored.

Support and feedback

Give us feedback or ask questions in the forum. The source code is available at