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FM Koen Lambrechts

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. (Sun Tzu, Karsten Müller)

LocationGroningen Netherlands
RatingFIDE: 2336231324032218
Hourly rate€30
AvailabilityNot accepting students at the moment

About me

Currently not taking new students.

I'm a part-time physics student from Groningen, ChessCapital of the Netherlands. I've done almost anything possible in the Chess scene, from organizing major tournaments, teaching kids and seniors to working at a Chess cafe. Apart from Chess i like to run a few times a week and read about history.

Playing experience

Fide Master

Dutch Student Champion 2019

Participated in European Club Cup

As a chess player I'm resilient and resourceful. My strength lies in positional understanding and combining small tactical resources with this understanding to gain small advantages. As a coach I try to develop these skills for my students.

Teaching experience

As a coach I started when I was 15 at my own chess club, and have worked with individual pupils up to 2000 ELO over the past few years as well as training youth teams.

Other experiences

Tournament Director of Chess Festival Groningen.
Crazyhouse - up and coming.

Best skills

Game Analysis

I'll go over your game beforehand, point out some focus points and discuss these during our lesson. Own input, analysis and questions are encouraged!

Basic Tactics

Explain - Practice - Check and correct tactics.


Evaluate your understanding of the endgame, improve basic knowledge. Learn how to evaluate endings.


Where to hold the line, Active or Passive defense, What pieces to trade.


Learn everything about this opening.

Teaching methodology

If you're interested in multiple session we'll add half an hour (free of charge) to the first training to discuss your wishes. We can work with homework.
If you're interested we'll focus on game analysis or specific wishes for the endgame.

Public studies

Training 1 KJJL

1 • FM kjjl •
  1. Weak black squares
  2. 6.12 Creating and fixing a weakness
  3. 6.22 The Principle of the Second Weakness
  4. Exc. 1 Short Plans
  1. FM kjjl