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GM Justin Tan

Consistent and Deliberate Training

Location Australia
LanguagesEnglish (US)
RatingFIDE: 2533
Hourly rate£50/1 hr - 10% discount for 1.5 x 5 and 2 x 5 hour packages
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me


Easy-going Aussie GM, accepting ambitious students! I understand exactly how to become a Grandmaster within a short time-frame. I am particularly well-accustomed to a lifestyle that involves other studies, work or sporting activities.

From the student's perspective, the road to the GM title takes dedication, hard work and passion. From the coach's perspective, it is all about method.

Playing experience

Winner of Doeberl Cup 2021
UK Blitz Champion 2019
=3rd British Championship 2016
British U21 Champion 2016 and 2017

Teaching experience

7 years of coaching experience, for players ranging from 1700 to 2400.

Other experiences

Author of the book series "1.e4! The Chess Bible", for Thinkers Publishing
Columnist for ChessPublishing -
Ex-Gymnast for Australia -
Law graduate, with a Masters in Public Policy

Best skills

Consistent work on all aspects of chess - alternating between openings, middlegames (positional play) and endgames.
Calculation and improving the student's thinking process. I incorporate this into every lesson.
Highly engaged in the progress of my students, and motivating them towards achieving their goals.

Teaching methodology

In a typical 1 hr session, we spend the first 15 minutes on calculation and thinking process. The rest of the session relates either to openings, middlegame strategy or endgames, usually alternating between the areas every two weeks, although it may also depend on the student's needs or their specific demands (I'm always open to their requests if they are reasonable!). Some of the aspects of my lessons include:

- a walk-through of instructive classics from the past;
- a study of current top-level games;
- calculation;
- openings
- endings.

I also have experience analysing openings for stronger players, using cloud engines, email games and my own brain to come up with interesting ideas :)

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