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IM Vitaly Neimer

Top Rated Professional Grandmaster Coach at the Prestigious Saint Louis Chess Club. *** Try it - FREE consultation offer! ***

LocationSaint Louis, MO United States
Languagesрусский язык
RatingFIDE: 24002487
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

I am an International Chess Master and a certified chess trainer.
I am also a member of the prestigious Webster University SPICE national chess champion team and mentored by the world chess champion Susan Polgar.
I live in the chess capital of the world St. Louis, Missouri and can conduct live classes within that area.
I taught chess to more than 750+ students from kindergarten to adults worldwide.
I teach chess in schools, camps, after school programs, clubs, senior homes, kindergartens, universities, firms, and with private clients.
​My goal is to help other ambitious players achieve their full potential.

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Playing experience

2017 - 5th Place at the 2017 Winter Norm Invitational of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis
2017 - President of the Webster University Chess Club Organization
2016 - Webster "A" Chess Team U.S. National Collegiate Champion
2016 - 3rd Place at the 2016 Autumn IM Invitational of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis
2015 - President of the Webster University Chess Club Organiztion
2015 - Member of Webster University Chess Team National Collegiate Champion
2014 - Member of Webster University Chess Team National Collegiate Champion
2013 - Member of St. Louis Arch Bishops U.S. Chess League Team
2012 - Achieved 1st Norm for Grandmaster Title
2012 - US Open G-15 Champion
2012 - 2nd Place at the GM Norm Invitational of the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis
2012 - 3rd Place at the Spice Cup Open
2011 - Joined the Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence Chess Team
2010 - Awarded the International Master Title
​2009 - Successfully Completed the IDF Military Service While Being on an Excellent Athlete for Chess Status
2008 - Israeli Under 20 National Champion
​2004 - World under 16 runner up

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Teaching experience

​​I offer an innovative training program to help you learn fast and become a better player. My success comes from combining a carefully designed dynamic powerful chess program for different skill levels from beginner to advanced with my extensive experience teaching and playing chess. The result is measured by your increased performance in tournaments and a higher rating in FIDE and USCF.

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Other experiences

The most important question a client can ask: Why me and not someone else?

​1. My powerful program is interactive, convenient and affordable. I always look for ways to upgrade it and provide the best customer service - total satisfaction is guaranteed or you will get your money back!

2. There are many good chess players around the world, some of them are weaker and some are stronger than me. But it is one thing to play chess, and another teaching it. I believe I have special interpersonal communication skills which I use during my lessons to make it fun and understandable - especially for children.

​3. I am not only a coach, but also a leader which provides direction. I will not only teach chess but also show my students how to learn and advance on their own - such as learning to explore ChessBase, ICC, and other self development platforms. Using this method will allow students to develop their skills much faster.

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Best skills

Each student will be designed with a powerful chess program tailored for his needs.
Students can learn chess for fun or become chess professionals.
The program encourages students to actively participate and explore all aspects of the chess game.
​​While the focus on content is important, I encourage critical thinking, problem solving, thinking ahead, understanding other perspectives and developing persistence and determination.

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Teaching methodology

After a student comes back from a tournament, the games are being thoughtfully analyzed. Based on this analysis, I gives suggestions on how to work further to get better results in the next tournaments.

I send regular feedback and reports. These include training programs, report of student’s performance during sessions and suggestions for improvements.

It is vital to embrace a correct thinking process early in the stages of learning chess. I will teach the student how to construct his/her plans and moves correctly during the game in an efficient manner.

​My goal is, to help the student understand the opening ideas, so they can profitably use them in their games. Each student has its own style of game, therefore it is necessary to tailor a specific opening repertoire for each personality.

One of the world champions once said that chess is 99% tactics and I agree. Tactics and combinations are the basic building blocks to a chess game which need to be trained daily. Throughout the program, each student will receive puzzles to do during and after the lesson.

During our sessions, the students will be mastering the ​evaluation of the chess positions, the setting of goals and long-term plans.

Throughout the program, we will transfer what we the student has learned to the chess board. Depending on the strength of the player, we will begin with the coach suggesting moves and explaining ideas. Our end result is to have the student play on their own with minimal assistance from the coach. We will always analyze the game move by move to see what improvements the student could make.

Each student will receive material in the form of homework. This will help the student practice the skills they need to become a great chess player. Homework may also come in the form of a PDF files or html pages. Homework gives additional examples of the themes or ideas learned in the session.

Beginning chess players discover very quickly that learning how the pieces move is only the tip of the chess playing iceberg. It's usually after several moves of a typical chess game that the question arises, "What now?" Students will learn the must principles and rules they should play by.

An endgame is when there are only a few pieces left. The endgame has its own special rules and principles which are not to be ignored. We will study endgame theoretical positions, practice positions and explore many useful tips.

Quick calculation skills are necessary for timed games. I will teach the student the best methods and ways to improve their imagination for efficient move calculation.

My goal as a coach is to introduce the student to the tools which will allow them to train themselves. Those tools include chess databases, engines, online training and playing.

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