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FM Milan Popovic

Play the opening like a book, the middlegame like a magician, and the endgame like a machine

LocationNovi Sad Serbia
LanguagesEnglish (US)
RatingFIDE: 2393290824162201
Hourly rateLessons - 25$/h ; Training games - 18$/h
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

My name is Milan Popović and I am 27 years old. I am 2393 rated FM with one IM norm, from Novi Sad, Serbia. In addition to chess I also have a bachelor's degree in gastronomy.
If you are interested in working with me contact me here, or at my e-mail ( I am available for both lessons and training games!

Playing experience

I have about 15 years of playing experience.
Besides the classical chess where I crossed 2300 rating in 2018. and became a FM, I enjoy playing rapid and blitz tournaments, where I won many of them.
My current FIDE rapid elo is 2497 while FIDE blitz elo is 2399.
2018. I played European Club Cup, for chess club Partizan, on second board.
Currently I am a member of one of the best chess clubs in Serbian first league, NSK (Novi Sad chess club)
I am still an active player!

Teaching experience

I have four years of coaching experience, both via Skype and in person. So far I have worked with players of different ages and strengths, from beginners to titled players. We worked on all aspects of the game, with accent on creating opening repertoire that suits playing style of the player.

Best skills

As a player I always try to pose problems to my opponent from the first moves. I like to play sharp and tactical chess, but from time to time I enjoy playing positional way.
My experience has shown that a quality and stable opening repertoire combined with permanent work on all other aspects of the game is the key to success.

I can teach you all parts of chess game, including many openings.
I usually enjoy teaching stuff that I play, because that is where I put a lot of work to understand all secrets of the opening, arising middlegame and the endgame. While we are working on the openings we will look at the most important model games, pawn structures and the middlegames.
Here is my repertoire:
Sharp and tactical 1.e4- from gambits, systems to main lines and modern theory
Positional 1.d4- Modern London system, anti-Grunfeld and anti-Kings Indian lines
vs 1.e4- Najdorf Sicilian, Philidor defence, Caro-kann defence
vs 1.d4- Kings Indian defence, Queen's gambit
vs 1.Nf3 and c4 various easy to learn lines and systems

Apart from the openings I can teach you:

Basic and advanced elements of the chess strategy
Positional techniques in chess
How to attack
How to calculate
How to assess the position and find a plan
Endgame strategy, theoretical endgames
Initiative in chess
Chess structures, etc.

Teaching methodology

The first step always is the analysis of the games. This is the key to learn more about student's strengths, weaknesses, and playing style. According to that I create a training program for every student in particular. My goal is never instant success, but long term improvement in chess knowledge and understanding.
I prefer to run my lessons on Lichess (study section with analysis board), or to share my screen while using chessbase program. As a communication platform I use Skype or Discord.

If we work on openings, I always provide students with analysis files.