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LM Justin Tan

I've thoroughly enjoyed playing crazyhouse for 16 years and my goal is to extend that enjoyment to new players. My YouTube channel can be found here.

LocationSydney Australia
AvailabilityNot accepting students at the moment

About me

For the last 10+ years, I have been most well known online as tantheman on FICS, a specialist in the chess variant crazyhouse.

My real name is Justin Tan, aged 31, from Sydney Australia.

Now a family man, I work full time from nine to five to support my wife and daughter.

Playing experience

Prior to 2002, I represented Australia at 4 world junior chess championships, obtaining a FIDE rating of 2250. Never made a title before ceasing chess tournament play 10 years ago. Since then, playing crazyhouse at the highest levels online has been my recreational focus.

Lichess published an article on my crazyhouse experience authored by crosky earlier in 2016:

Best skills

Tactical ability and mental dexterity. These are valuable traits for a crazyhouse player.

Following prior years of chess coaching at schools, I believe it is most important to teach from the perspective of the student, not the teacher.

My temperament is generally relaxed and laid back. It's good not to take things too seriously!

Teaching methodology

I am not seeking private students currently as the limited free time I have is dedicated to increasing the reach of crazyhouse to as many new players as possible. Right now, interest in this chess variant is expanding faster than ever before!

If you would like to learn more about the game, please subscribe to my YouTube channel:

I schedule a live YouTube stream each week while playing in the BitChess prize tournaments. My profile is updated with details of the next event:

Youtube videos from my channel