CM Heligan Lichess coach picture

CM Helen Milligan

Currently giving online lessons to NZ students. Please contact me directly if you are interested.

LocationNorth Shore New Zealand
RatingFIDE: 1977
Hourly ratenegotiable
AvailabilityNot accepting students at the moment

About me

Dr Helen Milligan is a licensed FIDE Instructor and International Arbiter, holding over the board CM and WFM titles. She has competed internationally for decades, initially for Scotland and recently for New Zealand. Her travels around the world have given her an appreciation of the value of chess in breaking down cultural and communication barriers, and her education (up to PhD level) an insight into the usefulness of chess as a complement to the basic school curriculum.

She is co-author of the beginners' best-seller, Chess for Children, published by Gambit.

Playing experience

Very fond of playing nice events in interesting countries.

Other experiences

Heavily involved in running North Shore Chess Club in NZ, with its associated club, interschool, and open tournaments, and Junior night tuition. Arbiter/organiser of interclub and interschool team events, and Training Tourneys (where coaches go over the players' games between rounds).