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GM Axel Rombaldoni

Contact me if you're looking for an innovative way of studying and improving in chess!

LocationPadova Italy
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
RatingFIDE: 25512505
Hourly rateStructured monthly program
AvailabilityAccepting students

About me

Hello everyone! :-)
I'm Axel Rombaldoni 26 years old, chess Grand Master with 2551 Elo.
I started playing chess when I was 4 years old thanks to my family, and I immediately loved it. I trained first with my parents and my brother, then from 9 years old to 22 I worked with many strong and skilled players...until the result of Italian Chess Champion.
Growing up, I realized that the game of chess is an amazing container in which you can make experience. These experiences can help you to understand and learn how you think, how you move, how you react, how you express yourself...or simpler, how you live.

The main point, in all those experiences, is to acquire the keys to the interpretation of what happens in the 64 squares of the chessboard.

This is what I've started studying 6 years ago, and it helped me obtaining the italian Champion title and many other important results (in chess and out of chess). This innovative way of studying and improving in chess, led me to write my new book "PNL per gli scacchi" (NLP for chess) - right now it's available only in italian language.

This is my chess website (in italian):
This is my NEW chess-video-training (in italian):
This is my personal contact:

Playing experience

Between the years 2002 - 2008 I won seven consecutive Italian youth titles (categories u10-u16) and this record result allows me to take part as many times at the World Youth Championship.
I took my first IM-norm in the 'First Saturday' tournament in Budapest in 2007. In the youth world championship during the same year, I got the second IM norm. It follows the third and final norm of international master in the Reykjavik open in 2009.
In February 2009 I won my first Open Tournament prestige in Pavia (with 5 points out of 5 games!). Again in 2009, I qualified for the first time for the final of the Italian Chess Championship.

In 2011 I obtained a Grandmaster-norm in the under-20 World Championship in Chennai in India (after a surprising start with 6 points out of 6!), and in 2012 the second norm at the Cannes Open tournament in France. In June 2013 I won the 5th Festival of Capo d'Orso in Sardinia, winning the third and final Grandmaster norm.

In 2014 I won in Boscotrecase the final of the Italian Chess Championship with 6 wins, 4 draws and only one defeat (against my brother Denis).
In May 2016 I won for the second time (the first time in 2011 with the Pesaro team) with the Italian team championship in Civitanova Marche with the club "Robert Fischer" of Chieti.
In June 2016 I won the 28th International Festival City of Lucca with 4.5 points out of 5 available. Furthermore, in September 2016 I took part of the Italian team in the Olympiad in Baku

Teaching experience

I feel like I always teach in my life. Why do i affirm so? Simply, because I believe that: teaching is the only way to learn in life! So, everything I learnt, before I've taught it. It's important now to understand that there are more "ways of teaching". Mainly we can divide them into two big categories: 1) teaching yourself; 2)teaching someone else. I believe that the first one is the hardest (but possible!), and the second the easiest. Let's just focus on the last one. In my numerous family (luckily) I always had the possibility to teach chess - starting from my little sisters. After that, I started teaching other kids that enter in my life thought chess tournaments. Later on, my teaching experience started to enter in many chess circles all around Italy. This experience had is major flow when I started bringing an innovative chess day called "Scacchista Vincente" (= Chess Winner). Lastly, I'm a very open-minded chess player and teacher, always trying to improve and find better ways to learn and study chess and from chess! I'm willing to give private lessons to a single student and to a little group of students.

Other experiences

For ITALIAN chess players, here you can find my very NEW Chess-Video-Training Online:


Teaching methodology

As I've already written above, my way of learning and teaching chess is a "360° way". It is divided into three main categories, the three categories a real chess player should always knows to works on it:


Those three groupings are in constant relation with an other basic factor: the EXPERIENCE.
That's why I always start from looking the last games that the student (or students) played and through the moves and through the dialogue understand (together!) which is the best way to set up the path of our chess journey.
Some others main important points for a good work together are:
defining a good shared-plan (usually I suggest to make 1h or 1,5h a week); working at home (I use to give some exercise - or other kind of works, for example opening study - in order to make a constant dialogue about the student-progress); little reassuming the topics of the lesson (After every lesson I send a summary of the main points we touched and pgn files (also online!) and giving the ‘work' of for next meeting - as written in the previous point); and last but not least...I take special care to answer questions or personal requests of the student.