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DrHack lichess coach

Dan Hronchek

Rapid growth starts with an anchor in the fundamentals. - DrHack

Location Holland, Michigan, United States
Languages English
Rating 2041 2146 2147 1792 1893 1657
Hourly rate $25
Availability Now accepting students
Contact Send a private message

About me

Hey all, I'm a 36 year old ghostwriter from Holland Michigan, USA. I have played chess around the world, but mostly stick to my home turf in the Midwest USA. Probably my greatest chess accomplishment was a large tournament in Berlin, Germany in 2007 where I scored 4.5/7 points in the open section. I also wrote a textbook (Homeroom Chess) so elementary teachers could teach chess in their classrooms. I love studying chess with others and thinking about chess pedagogy - the art of learning chess.

Playing experience

I've only played in a handful of tournaments over the years. I tend to prefer regional class tournaments like the Chicago Open. I've played 20,000+ hours of standard and blitz games on the internet, as well as many correspondence games where it is harder to keep track of the time involved. I did manage to beat H. Nakamura in a standard simul game. I retired from simul play shortly after the game, and plan to refuse any rematch. Score.

Teaching experience

I've been teaching chess since 2002. I started with the typical coach gig in elementary schools and then moved online as life demanded that I travel and see the world. At one point, I was teaching chess to students in six different countries. A few of my students have become chess masters, but those accomplishments are their own.

Best skills

I am a flexible teacher. I love teaching the end game and working backwards toward meaning, but I am a very capable teacher of any opening. I can teach you how to develop a personal opening book using your own preferences and tendencies, plus keep it all neat and tidy for future reference.

Teaching methodology

I prefer to do a short consultation via phone/skype/other before we put together any lessons - send me an email or lichess message that includes a few times when we can talk or play a few games ( Everything I do is tailored to the player, discovering together where the holes are in knowledge and psychology of chess.

Public studies

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