Super-GM Charity Tournament to be held on 12 - 14 May

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The “Play for Russia” Charity Tournament sees some of Russia’s strongest players raise money for hospitals and health workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eight of Russia's strongest players will compete against each-other in a blitz double round-robin, hosted by The charity event aims to raise funds which will be equally shared and distributed among Russian hospitals and healthcare workers. As of 26 April, 2.5 million roubles (about $33,000 USD) has been raised by the initiative.

The stellar line-up battling it out over three days of blitz consists of:

Vladimir Kramnik
Ian Nepomniactchi
Alexander Grischuk
Sergey Karjakin
Peter Svidler
Evgeny Tomashevsky
Ernesto Inarkiev
Alexander Riazantsev

All games will be played at 5 + 2 - each player will start with 5 minutes on their clock, and after each of their moves receive an additional 2 second increment. The highest scoring four players will go into a knockout semi-final and final.

The tournament schedule will be:

May 12 - first round (7 rounds)
May 13 - second round (7 rounds)
May 14 - semi-finals and final

The games will be played and broadcast live on with further details to be announced, and on Match TV, a Russian public sports broadcaster. 

More details can be found on the Russian Chess Federation’s website (English).