Hungry Hungry Magnus Wins Another Chicken Dinner

Hi IM @lovlasChess

New month, new Titled Arena, same Magnus Carlsen.

Magnus Carlsen has started the new year strong, winning every single tournament he has entered thus far. This version of the prestigious titled arena, more commonly known as the bullet World Championship, was no exception. The number one got off to a flying start winning nine out of his first ten games, before disappearing mysteriously. The internet searched everywhere without any results. For ten whole minutes the world stood still. Was this how the world was gonna end?

Then he appeared on a white stallion in the distance. Everywhere people were clapping and cheering. The chosen one had returned. The rest is history. He came, he played and he won. Adding another Titled Arena to his ever increasing belt closet. His ninth Titled Arena title, out of eleven possible.

Where he went, and what he did, we might never know.

But we do know that he played some excellent chess. Check this out:

It’s a masterpiece, 10/10.

Truth be told he took a quick dinner break. But what he ate is still a big unsolved mystery. My guess is chicken.

In second place followed everyone's favorite animal, Andrew “Penguin” Tang. Penguins are as we all know quick animals with fine-tuned motoric skills. Tang is no exception. Possibly the fastest bullet player in not only the West, but the entire world had to settle for second place this time. But he will be back. Penguins always land on their feet.

Special Agent Daniel “Rebbeca Harris” Naroditsky took the third spot only millimeters behind Tang. Naroditsky seems to have become MC's kryptonite in past TAs, but this time he wasn’t able to gazump the world champion. He did however manage to beat him:

Next up is the Titled 960 championship. Announcement coming soon.