Fifty million games

Thibault DuplessisAnnouncements

The numbers are telling us that lichess is growing very fast!

On the 1st January 2015 lichess registered its 50 000 000th completed game (excluding aborted games).

Let's together review a few mind-blowing numbers about lichess!

Web traffic

According to Google Analytics, in 2014, we had:

190 757 559 pageviews - two times as many as 2013

3 163 423 unique visitors - two times as many as 2013

The most active countries are Russia (14%), USA (10%), France (6%) and Iran (5%).

At the time of writing, Alexa ranks lichess as the 17,457th most popular website, worldwide.

Chess stats

4 billion moves stored in the database, plus 78 played moves per second - or 6.7 million moves a day

140 thousand games finished every day

2.3 million computer analyzed games - amounting to 76 000 hours of processing

14.3 million puzzles solved by registered users


1 server powering lichess app, the database and the search engine

$183 per month spent in hosting - now covered by user donations.

54 Stockfish instances on various donated servers, crunching chess moves and analysis 24/7

Countless hours of volunteer work from the lichess team

Finally, today we cross the symbolic threshold of 3000+ online players. These are very exciting numbers, and I have the feeling that this year, we will break unprecedented records.