Something for the beginners

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A new way to learn chess!

Until recently was not much use to a person who doesn’t know how the pieces move, but now, we have something for them. will teach new players everything they need to know to play a game of chess. From the basic movements of the pieces to lesser known rules like en passant and stalemate.

There’s even a bit of basic strategy at the end. The lessons are arranged sequentially from easier to harder and utilize gamification to try and make the experience of learning how to play chess more than just a dry recitation of rules.

As always we encourage feedback from the lichess community. Improving a feature is always easier when someone else delivers you the idea on a silver platter. In the future, new chapters could be added to extend even further into the journey of learning chess. Readers are encouraged to respond below.

In this first release, only english is available. We will soon open the learning texts to community translation.

Thank you for reading, enjoy, and have a fantastic day.