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13 Gift Ideas for Chess Players

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Have you ever been in a situation when you can’t think of anything else to give to a chess enthusiast buddy other than a chess set?

Now you don’t have to worry about anything! In the holidays and all the games played in the summer afternoon time, whether you’re purchasing for a seasoned player or someone who has just recently learned the meaning of rook.
These are fantastic opportunities to give a chess fan in your life a gift that will allow them to enjoy their favorite hobby even more.

Gift Ideas Under $25

1- Patreon badge

Lichess is a completely free website and the fastest-growing chess website. They offer every service for free without taking any money. Although they run on a donation model.
Those who donate their account get a special badge of wings. This is the cheapest way to get an awesome gift.
Just go to Lichess and then choose the username to whom you want to give the badge. Then you can pay via Paypal or Credit card and that’s it.

2- Chess Bookmarks

This would make a great present for a chess-loving reader. The Chess King Bookmark, Chess Queen Bookmark, or any other Chess piece bookmark can be personalized to give to a Chess fan who enjoys reading!
This is a great present option for chess-loving players. Especially for those who love chess books and read often, it is the best way to gift a chess bookmark.

3- Planner, Organiser, Diary

If chess player wants to become successful then they should follow a daily schedule and should practice every day. For this planners and organizers are the best way to gifts to chess players.
Chess players will definatly love it. Even this gift can be useful for them to set other goals in life. You can buy this gift from many websites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.

4- Vinyl Chess Set

There are multiple vinyl chess sets available on Amazon for under $25.

Gift Ideas Between $25-100

1- Chesscom Membership ($20-125)

Chesscom membership is an amazing gift to give to anyone who is deeply interested in chess. offers various benefits, especially for those who are below the 1800 rating. This is an amazing gifting option especially if they love chess.
You can simply select the gift membership option from chesscom. Then choose the username and pay the amount. That’s it! Following are some features of this membership.

  • Gold Membership: Unlimited Game Review, 25 Puzzles per Day, 5 Puzzle Rush per Day, 3 Lessons per Week, Unlock All Bots, and No Ads are included.
  • Platinum Membership: Unlimited Game Review, Unlimited Puzzles, Unlimited Puzzle Rush, 5 Lessons each Week, Unlock All Bots, and No Ads are included.
  • Diamond Membership: Unlimited Game Reviews + Explanations, Unlimited Insights, Unlimited Puzzles, Unlimited Puzzle Rush, Unlimited Lessons, Unlimited Video Library, Unlock All Bots, and No Ads are included.

2- Personalized Chess T-shirts

You can simply design a guy on Fiverr or Upwork and ask him to design a customized chess theme t-shirt and gift it to someone. The same thing you can do with mugs, laptop covers, wallets, etc.
There are various pre-designed ready t-shirts and hoodies available on many websites such as Etsy, Chessable, etc.

3- Chess Clock

Every chess fan is always interested in having a chess clock. You can gift a nice chess clock which is available for under $100. Following are some of the best chess clocks which you can get on Amazon

  • DGT 3000
  • DGT 2500

4- Chess Courses

There are a lot of good chess companies such as Chessable, Modern Chess, The Chess World, ChessMood, etc. They are creating and publishing a lot of new chess courses.
All these courses are priced between $10-100.
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5- Chess Books

Who doesn't like chess books? it's the best possible gift which is under $40. You can gift a set of chess books.

Gift Ideas Above $100

1- Wooden Chess Sets - ($100-250)

Wooden chess sets can go up to $1000. It depends on the wood quality and artistic approach. Usually, it costs between $70-300. Staunton Chess is the biggest website for purchasing wooden chess sets.
While purchasing and gifting big chess sets, it's important to ask if they have enough space to keep the chess set.

2- Square Off Automated Chess Set ($500)

Most expensive gift in this blog post. Square off chess set is an automated chess set that is one of the greatest chess innovations in the chess sets industry.
I have tried this chess set and it feels so special to play. You can connect it to online chess websites and play live games on the board.

3- Chess Celebrity Video ($75-200)

This is something new. You can get a personalized birthday wish video from different chess players including GothamChess, Vishy Anand, Ben Finegold, and Benjamin Bok. You can pay and book it directly through the cameo website.

4- Chess Lessons or Masterclass

Enroll them in online chess courses or masterclasses taught by grandmasters or renowned chess coaches. This gift can help them improve their skills and deepen their understanding of the game.

If you have more gift ideas then let us know in the comment section below!

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