11 Best Chess YouTube Channels - Part 2

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This series continues with a new list of best chess Youtubers

6 Days ago I published a blog about 16 Best Chess Youtubers on Lichess. Within 12 hours it became viral. Now it has over 13000 views. You can read that by clicking here.

In the last blog, I have added most of the top chess YouTubers (According to their subscriber's rank)

Unfortunately, I missed GM Daniel Naroditsky’s channel. I was completely unaware of the fact that how much he is famous in the US. I got 3 to 4 emails and more than 15 comments on the previous blog asking to add Daniel’s name.

This article includes 11 Best Youtubers. Some of them are creating content for entertainment and most of them are providing valuable content.

I am sure that this list will also be incomplete and I am going to miss some of the good Youtubers. Will continue updating this series.

Daniel Naroditsky (400k+)

Missing Daniel’s channel was a big blunder and you can see why by reading the comments on the last blog.
Unfortunately, I never got any recommendations about that channel despite watching hundreds of chess YouTube videos.
In the last few days, I watched a couple of his videos and they are even good for strong players!
Daniel is also a Twitch streamer and commentator.

Hans Niemann (34k+)

Most of you will be surprised to see this name. GM Niemann Hans is from the US with almost 2700 classical rating. Whatever your opinions are, I love his new series Journey to World Championship.
With recent controversies, he is struggling to get invitations to top events and still, he is doing practice, playing, and winning small events. That’s incredible.

ChessCoach Andras (33k+)

I have seen multiple Reddit posts praising IM Andras YouTube Videos. He is an International Master, Chess Coach, and also a Chessable Author.

Chess Dojo (57k+)

ChessDojo is a YouTube channel run by 3 players i.e. GM Jesse Kraai, IM Kostya Kavutskiy, and IM David Pruess. They also have a membership filled with lessons, courses, and other things.
I watched a few videos back in 2021 and found the channel really interesting and genuine.

Miodrag Perunovic (25k+)

I have known this channel since the 2020 lockdown. Even I was trying to recall his name to add to the last article but unfortunately, I was not able to find his channel. Someone commented on his name in the comment section of my last blog.
You can watch his opening videos for Improvement. You will get so many new ideas and learn various new concepts.

Alessia Santeramo (98k+)

Women Youtubers are very less and this one is doing a brilliant job. Although I guess that channel is more like entertainment + some learning. Alessia is also a Twitch Streamer

ChessMood (8k+)

ChessMood is a chess course and membership-selling company. They also have YouTube channels. One of my friends who work there and because of that I watched many videos.
But in the last few months, they started publishing podcasts. I highly recommend watching all the podcast videos.

Eric Rosen (666k+)

If you watch his Twitch stream, most of the comments are filled with his soothing voice and that’s true. Eric is a YouTuber, Streamer and we can say he is an active player as he played Qatar Masters in 2023.

Alex Banzea (80k+)

Alex is a YouTuber and Chessable Author. I was watching one of his YouTube streams where he told that he is doing full-time chess coaching, YouTube, and chessable courses. I watched the stream for about 45-50 minutes and found that he is the most genuine chess YouTuber.

Coffee Chess (379k+)

The basic concept of this channel is simple. 2 players play a game with each other and do trash talk. Sometimes they call chess celebrities. Although this channel is purely for entertainment.

ChessCULT (1k)

This channel is not publishing new videos.
Channel is started by GM Karthik Venkataraman from India who is also a National Champion. He started this channel in lockdown as a side project and just for fun.
At that time he started the series called The Karthik Venkataraman Show: Secret to Success where he recorded the podcast with Best of the Indian Chess Grandmasters. Checkout by clicking here.
It’s highly recommended for all 2000+ players.

Help me find the channel

I want to add one channel to this list but I am not able to recall his name. The guy is from Canada and has atleast 100k+ subscribers. Curly hair and one of his videos is something like 3 hours long. He also posts short-form and long-form content.

Channels Worth Mentioning

Following are some of the channels worth mentioning.

  • ChessBrahs - Mostly publishing entertainment content
  • ChessNetwork - Game analysis videos
  • Yan Nepomnyashchy - Most of the videos are in the Russian Language and that’s why I haven’t added to the top list. Maybe I will create a separate blog on Top Russian Chess Channels.
  • ChessTalk - Chess improvement videos for beginners
  • Chess Lifestyle - Vlog-type content
  • Kamryn - Adult improver who's documenting her journey
  • Chess in a Robe - chess documentaries/commentaries
  • Lucas Anderson - amazing historical chess documentaries about top players
  • FM Nikhil Dixit - Channel where I post opening and improvement videos

If you think that I have missed any good channel, do comment or send me an email. Also, I am planning to create an article about regional channels based on language. Do comment if you know the best chess channels that are making content in Hindi, Spanish, and Deutsche.

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