Play the Bogo-indian defense (structural approach)

Taken from an online live chess lesson

This is (again) taken from the same online live chess lesson I made a video of couple of weeks ago (on Benoni defense). The idea was to discuss various pawn structures, possible pawn breaks, piece-setup, etc, so the next one happened to be the Bogo-indian defense.

It has been my favorite defense for Black for many years while I was still a youngster, playing against those who had difficulties (as White) to define the goals and needs in the typical Bogo-indian pawn structure. It really seems simpler for Black then for White to find what is the idea in almost any situation. I feel like it is a good choice for those intermediate level players, and even to some beginners (above 1100/1200 rating points).

The video is meant to answer the following questions:

  • What's the point of Bogo-indian defense?
  • What's the point of 4...Qe7 (Nimzowitsch Variation) Bogo-indian?
  • What are the consequences of the possible central pawn breaks black can use?
  • What is the ideal pawn structure in the center for Black?
  • Once the center gets locked (d6/e5 vs e4/d5/c4) is it OK for Black to trade the light-square bishop for one of the white knights?
  • Should White immediately resolve the tension between the two bishops (b4 versus d2) by playing a2-a3?
  • Should Black quickly resolve tension between the same bishops, or try to delay as long as possible?
  • What are the consequences of White developing naturally (e3, Bd3, 0-0) and is it good?
  • What's best setup for White against the Nimzowitsch's Variation of the Bogo-indian defense?
  • What are best pawn breaks for White?

Video is consisted of the following chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Intro to the Qe7 Bogoindian
  • White plays a3?
  • Black opts for b6 & Bb7
  • Black opts for d5
  • Black opts for c5
  • Guess the best pawn structure
  • Black opts for the d6-e5
  • Is Bc8-g4 typicaly good?
  • General setup for Black
  • Best for White
  • Is g3 required?

Recommended chess level: Beginner & Intermediate.

Let me know what you think (and feel free to write a comment on Youtube as well, it helps more for my channel to get more popular).