How I built the World's First Chess Social Network

Software Development
Oxwall Scripts are Great

I was sitting at home one dark October in the mid 2000's thinking how boring life was between Chess Super Grandmaster tournaments. There was nowhere for chess people to congregate and celebrate chess. Chess Twitter was still in its infancy, Facebook was a place for people to brag about their holidays and show off pictures of their kids wonderful lives or the wonderful lives with no kids.

Anyways I decided I had to build a social network for chess players. I tried a few ideas then worked out it was easier to build the platform using Oxwal scripts. I got a budget of about $2000 together and bought every relevant oxwal script plugin available for a social network and started customising.

It wasn't easy but I eventually built

It is the first chess website to pay you for simply logging in. It has the following full scale features:

1. Blogging platform
2. Auction platform
3. Article publication platform
4. Pages
5. Teams
6. Chat Rooms
7. Projects
8. Confessional
9. Forum
10. Daily Newspaper
11. Chat
12. Scheduler
13. Meetings
14. Earn/Trade ChessCash
15. Play Chess Puzzle Games
and many more features.

Chess Club Live - The Chess Social Network