Chess Cash the Social Currency

Software Development
A Decentralized Anonymous Chess Currency

I created an ERC20 token that can be used by chess people in a cost less exchange market.


I always thought paypal fees were too high after an ebay purchase and even just an exchange of currency between two friends or family which is zero cost on paypal in the same currency and marginal cost in a different currency seemed a long tedious way of trading value.

I thought there was a better way. So I thought about building a social network for chess players and that I could build in a chess currency called chess cash that could simply be sent between members of that social network.

So if you wanted to send a friend some money instead of logging onto paypal and friend having to logon to paypal, you could just send chess cash to your friend.

Members could also sell chess items for chess cash and provide chess services for chess cash.

In short I was designing a chess economy driven by an ERC20 token that I had built for free. lol

ChessCoin Cash ($ChessCash) is an ERC20 Token by
as a chess utility coin, Chess Cash We're listed on