Control the center!!!

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Four positions that demonstrate the superiority of controlling the center in chess

In this post, I want to show some games to see how controlling the center of the board can give us many advantages.

We know that a well-controlled center reduces the opponent's activity. That's why I want to point out some common mistakes that can make it easier for the opponent to control the center so we can avoid them.
These mistakes sometimes show up in routine or thoughtless piece development, untimely exchanges, neglect of the center, etc.

By focusing on the center, we can create more opportunities for our pieces to maneuver and launch attacks. Controlling the center also allows us to restrict our opponent’s pieces, making it harder for them to find good squares. Additionally, a strong center can serve as a launching pad for both defensive and offensive strategies.

Understanding the importance of the center can significantly improve our overall game. Enjoy the positions and draw your conclusions:

I hope you find this helpful and can assert control over the center in your upcoming games. Best of luck, and I look forward to seeing you around!