White chess pawn - Wikipedia

White chess pawn - Wikipedia

Modern defense - h and a pawn push game - and how black can play better

In the past I have tried this h pawn push idea several times, but if black responds properly this can sometimes back fire badly for white

First my 3 0 blitz pawn push game of today (2/0/0, 19 acpl was pretty good for me, but my opponent could have played better several times). Then what black could have played better. And a finish with an epic pawn push game by the well-known gambit player Emil Diemer.

1. In my game I could push my h pawn to h6 and my a pawn to a6. See below in the second diagram for the improvements.

2. Improvements for black :

Summary :

  • Play 2...Nf6 (And when white started with 1.e4 notice the difference, and play 2...d5!?)
  • Play 3...d5
  • When white plays g2g4 when the white pawn is on h6 like in the game, follow up with the appropriate center play

3. The epic pawn push game by Emil Diemer. This game has an incredible amount of pawn moves by white.
Not only that, it also has several nifty tactical moments. Enjoy !

Trivia : Bobby Fischer on early h4 versus Modern Defense (Wikipedia).

### Fischer's 3.h4!?

Bobby Fischer suggested the move 3.h4!? as an unorthodox try against 1...g6 2.d4 Bg7, in his annotation to a game against Pal Benko.[1] (Fischer played 3.Nc3 in the actual game.) The idea is to pry open Black's kingside by h4–h5 followed by hxg6, as ...gxh5 would greatly weaken the cover to Black's king.